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Brief introduction of hand-held sprayer manufacturers, preparation work before sprayer use.

(1) Before assembling, soak the leather bowl inside the neck pain in oil (about 24 hours) before using it.

(2) Choose a nozzle with an appropriate hole diameter according to the application. The spray diameter is small. The water droplets are thin, suitable for crop seedlings and dwarf crops. The spray diameter is large and the water droplets are thick, which is suitable for the later stage of crop growth. In order to improve the spray efficiency and adaptability to the crop, the shape of the spray bar and nozzle can be made into a “1” spray with 2 to 4 nozzles. It is made with “T” type spray, with 2 ~ 3 nozzles installed. Make “H” type spray with 4 nozzles.

(3) Machine assembly. Connect the sprinkler and sleeve to both ends of the spray bar, and then connect the hose to the switch and the outflow connector. When connecting, please support the gasket of each connector well. The screws at the joints are too tight to prevent sliding, and lubricating oil cannot be added to the movable parts of the machine after the assembly is completed.

(4) Test spray, add clean water, shake the handle up and down, and check whether there is N gas leakage at each connection part. Turn on the switch to confirm whether the sprayed water droplets are normal.