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– Aug 19, 2021 –

Sprayer in the prevention of crop diseases and insect pests

In the use, classification and prevention of plant diseases and insect pests of crops, the sprayer has the characteristics of simple structure, light weight, convenient operation, convenient maintenance, and low price, which is very popular among farmers.

The sprayer is suitable for the prevention and control of diseases and insect pests of various crops such as rice, cotton, wheat, vegetables, tea, tobacco, and yam. It is also suitable for the sanitation and epidemic prevention of rural, urban public places, hospitals and other departments. The sprayer is divided into: backpack sprayer and compression sprayer.

Working principle: When working, the worker swings the handle up and down, drives the plug and the cup through the connecting rod, and moves up and down in the pump. Follow the back and forth movement of the cork and leather bowl. The liquid medicine entering the artificial computer room is gradually increasing. The air in the air chamber is compressed, exerting pressure on the liquid medicine. At this time. After turning on the switch, the compressed air will direct the hydraulic pressure towards the nozzle and continue to spray from the nozzle.

Use the air pump to inflate the liquid medicine. The manual hydraulic sprayer that sprays the liquid by applying pressure is called a compression sprayer. The difference between this and the backpack sprayer is the pressure pump. The backpack sprayer uses a liquid pump, the compression sprayer uses an air pump, and its liquid tank is an air chamber. The chemical tank itself must be sealed and have a certain strength.

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