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– Feb 16, 2022 –

Nebulizer advantage

1. Less water consumption: ultra-low volume sprayer uses pesticide stock, or only needs to be diluted at a very low level, so it does not need a lot of water.

2, less dosage: spray liquid 100 grams per mu, rather than dozens of kilograms, or even hundreds of kilograms. Therefore, in use can greatly reduce labor intensity, saving the labor force.

3. Uniform distribution of droplets: Ultra-low volume sprayer is not to spray the liquid directly on the plant, but to disperse droplets with a diameter of only dozens of microns and drift by wind, and then under the action of “micro airflow” around the plant, the droplets are evenly distributed on the front, back and side of the plant leaf and the whole plant. In this way, the killing rate of insect pests is higher than that of water-diluted agents, especially those that have developed resistance. Because the killing function of pesticide stock solution is several times or even dozens of times higher than that of water dilution.