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About Us

Suzhou Full Tsing Co., Ltd (SFT China as abbreviation) is a company committed to providing high-quality products and services in industrial, agricultural and household water use. Our main products include water purification equipment, agricultural irrigation equipment, agricultural sprayers and Household hardware, ceramic sanitary ware and other fields; since the establishment of the company, all kinds of products have been sold abroad. At the same time, our company is the domestic authorized distributor of the famous German sanitary ware brand Grohe, and has made great progress in this field. SFT China, experts in comprehensive utilization of water resources aside you;

Our business area

1.Water Purification:  Including Water filtrater regent, equipment and machine.

2.Agriclutural Irrigation: Including canal irrigation, Sprinkler Irrigation, Drop Irigation and Pipe Irrigation Products.

3.Agriclutural Tools:mainly agricultural sprayers,  sprayer machine, personal protection kit, and other agri ools.

4. Household hardware: Sanitary product, kitchenware, ceramics products, and hardware accessories.

Our service

1.Market survey: as engaged in these business for decade years, we are familiar with the main factories, industrial policy and their development plan very well, so we are able to follow the market tightly to provide analysis on basis of the market survey for above mentioned products.

2.Sampling: we have a warehouse for samples, and we have specialty staff to engage on the sampling work for our customers. The sample will be stocked well for shelf life time. As we guarantee the quality for all of our exportation

3.Package size optimize: it is a nice service for combined container or economic products, a good package size is save the freight cost a lot, particularly since 2021, the ocean freight is sharply increasing.

4.Artwork design: if you have plan to develop your own business or new products, our designer is able to assist on the artwork design for your brand for free.

5.Loading suggestion: the discharge port is a matters for the exportation business, though all of these products is for the agricultural business, however they belong to difference industrial area in China, some located in China north area, and some south area, some goods are very light, and some products are very heavy, how to arrange them properly to fit into a full container and save the land transportation expense. we are your extended arm to solve these problems.

6.Finance support: we are working with Sinosure for credit business particularly with our corporate partner. Though our capital is not so much strong, and in which most we have to pay cash payment to factories to fix the orders and price, we will do our best efforts to support our partners to expand their business. So our payment terms is flexible, including telegraphic transfer, D/P at sight, D/A 90-180days, L/C at sight and Usance LC, western union for small amount payment.

7.Regulatory service: we know very well, most of the above products are requested to be registered in local authorities, we have enrolled the regulatory expert in these business field to support on this part. It is very important, though many factories could produce the product well, however they don’t export products themselves, so they have no technical dossier in English for registration submission in oversea countries.If they have their own English dossier, mainly these factory will start to explore their own brand in oversea countries. So what we do is to assist you to access the OEM factory who would make your customized brand products. Though we have no capital to invest on the study reports, What we do is to collect technical materials from factory, assist on the lab analysis, and assist to fill in the application form. And our team is able to summarize the overview to form a professional report which is able to fulfill the requirement of many countries.

8.Innovation on products: for this part we could do is very limited, mostly our primary task is to meet customers’ demand, we also develop some innovative product sometimes, take an instance, if there are various demand on the same product from different market, so we will try to seek a solution to fulfill the requirement for multi countries. We call it a micro innovation on the function or appearance.

Our Slogan

experts in comprehensive utilization of water resources aside you

Our Mission and Vision

To be a company powered by innovation, modern management and technology.