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Irrigation System
we are able to afford the high quality irrigation system and accessories.
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Water Purification
We afford the high quality water purification machines, which is hot sales in South East Asia and Africa market.
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Who are we?

Suzhou Full Tsing Co., Ltd is a professional comany, specialized in the water equipment technology, our main products are Water Purifcation Equipment, Household Hardware Products, Agricultural Sprayers, Irrigation Equipment, and regent for water cleaning.

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What are we doing?

Suzhou Full Tsing Co., Ltd mainly focus on the water purification, water spraying, water irrigation and water cleaning technology, we research and development the new technology on the water resource utlization and application.

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Why choose us?

Suzhou Full Tsing Co., Ltd will be the one-station solution for the water technology and equipment center, our suffcient experience on the water technology, utilization and application will be your best helper to expand your business.

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Agricultural Sprayer
Irrigation Equipment
Household Hardware
Water Purification
Water Cleaning Regent

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